Friday, February 10, 2012

Fried Calamari

I can't think of any appetiser that I like more than fried calamari.  Whenever I see it on the menu when I'm out with my friends, I have to order them.  Yep, for me, fried calamari is on the same level as french fries.  So, if I see both on the menu, it's goodbye to the all the work that I've put in in the gym (and I'm wondering why I'm gaining weight.. sigh)  

Seriously, who doesn't like fried food?  C'mon, admit it..  there are just days that you just need to have that crispy, crunchy feel in your mouth, isn't it?

Well, I've tried making calamari twice now.  My first batch failed because the crust was a little sticky and pasty.  So for my 2nd batch, I went online to search for videos to see what I was doing wrong.   I came across this video by Laura in the Kitchen, and decided to fry calamari her way since it seemed so mess-less!  And there's really no need for a recipe here,  just some cleaned calamari, sliced (make sure you dry them out), some all-purpose flour, salt & pepper.  You will need a ziploc bag, a bowl and sieve too..  Watch the video. It's seriously simple.  I think the important step which I missed out in my first try was in sieving the flour out.

My learning points from this 2nd try - I think I should have sliced my calamari thinner.  They were a little too bulbous.   I actually deep fried the calamari twice (very Chinese) because that is supposed to make the outler layer crisper. The 2nd fry is a really quick one, just slip them into the oil for around 3-5 seconds, and get them out.

Made a quick simple dip for the calamari too.. Just added a little chopped basil, a squeeze of lemon juice, a teaspoon of maple syrup and 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper to some mayonnaise..  Mix and voila!


  1. Fried calamari is addictive!

  2. I love how light and crisp they look... and stunning photos as always!

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