Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekend Breakfast & The Family's Latest Craze

I didn't make any plans for a big cook out during the past weekend and decided to photograph my very simple breakfast of french toasts just for practice.  I am starting to get a kick out of inserting text into my pictures, so yes, the intent is there to spend the next couple of weeks brushing up my photoshop skills.  Note the word 'intent'.  

I mentioned to all that I will show our latest family craze.  So here it is, presenting my dear travelling buddy that has taken me to places faster than my little feet can, for the past two weeks.  After we had the taste of the Parisian bike-riding lifestyle, we couldn't resist getting bicycles when we came home.  At this juncture, I have to give due credit to Paris' Velib bicycle network.  Such a brilliant concept, it made travelling within Paris such fun and such a breeze.  

This is technically the first vehicle which I officially own, and yes, like every first time vehicle-owner, I am very proud of her... She's pretty, smooth and makes travelling sweet....

Presenting *drumroll*  PETITE BIANCO