about erinnish

Why this Blog?

I started this blog back in 2010 (age 29) as I needed an avenue to release all the mumbo jumbo that was in my head.  

Why Erinnish?

Simply put :
Because my name is Erin.
Erin... Erinnish... (I know... it's not rocket science..)

The deeper truth :
Because I think I have reached a stage where I need to find and understand myself more.  Maybe this blogging and writing can help to direct my thoughts and feelings.  I am not looking for success to prove myself, but I am in search for my passion, in search of what many women out there are looking for - themselves.  I need to know what drives me, what compels me, what excites me, what interests me.  I want to discover my own sense of flavour and taste, my own style, what's truly Erinnish.

What's Erinnish?  

My love and passions in life so far (as of now!).....

Having a Lord Jesus who loves and who is very passionate about me.

My family.  I have a big craze over my new family member - my husband!  We were married in March 2010.

Photography!  All thanks to the husband who introduced it to me.  Yes, he goes around a lot taking photographs.  I didn't want to feel left out, so I started walking around with my eye behind the viewfinder too.  Now I'm hooked! 

I have recently discovered passion for cooking as well as baking, and I'm so thrilled to see so much resources and foodblogs online.  I was utterly hopeless in cooking and decided that it was time to brave my fear.  It has been a wonderful experience. I have had quite a number of catastrophes in the kitchen and will probably experience more to come in the future.  Through this blog, I get to share with you the little successes that I have had in the kitchen so far.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.