Monday, November 14, 2011

The Would-be Chocolate Meringue Pie

So I had an epic baking disaster today. 

I think this was probably the most difficult thing I've ever baked.  The recipe looked simple enough, like all recipes do when you first look through it, but I guess I wasn't up to it technically.

I spent a couple of hours in the kitchen making this pie.  I think I didn't get the consistency of the filling right.  The chocolate came gushing out of the tin like lava streaming down the sides of the volcano when I lifted the base up.  That's the deal with baking.  Sometimes the effort comes to nought.

I've just been hit by a disappointing turn of events recently.  Something which I thought I had in the palm of my hand suddenly took off, and away from reach.  Maybe it's not my time yet.  Maybe it's a way of telling me that I need more practice.  Maybe I have to learn to be strong, grit my teeth and deal with it.  I wish I had all the answers now,  but I don't.  Maybe this is life.  It's not about the situations that come along your way, but the attitude you choose to take when facing them. 

So I had an epic baking disaster today.
Am I upset?  Yes. 
Am I going to give up?  No way, Jose.


  1. Don't give up! I bet the pie was delicious even if it didn't come out quite as expected. Sometimes the recipes you have the highest hopes for don't meet your expectations and the ones you discount end up being the best :)

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words :) yes, will continue trying!