Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Back from Penang

View from Penang Hill.  That's the Penang Bridge.

I just came home from a weekend trip with my mum, elder sister and her family in Penang.  We spent three wonderful days in the bustling little Malaysian state touring, eating and shopping. 

It was my second trip to Penang.  The first was a couple of years back with my hubby before we were married.  It was a different Penang I experience this time around.  The first trip, my hubby and I went a lot around Georgetown exploring on foot looking at the old shophouses.  At that time, I hadn't picked up photography yet, so while my hubby was going around with his camera, I just stood around waiting for him. 
This trip, I went armed with my camera.  However, as this trip involved a whole group of us (mum, bro-in-law, sis, little nephew and niece), it was more of a touristy trip instead of a exploratory one.  It was tough taking pictures due to our tight schedule and I found that half the time was spent trying to keep up with my family who were walking ahead of me as I went around taking photos, and the other half was spent looking out for my little nephew and niece ensuring that they were safe.  Yes, even though I'm not their parent, I make a pretty good over-anxious aunt!   

Mid-way through the trip, I gave up taking photos.  I was rather upset with myself initially, but after a while, I reasoned that some things just cannot be rushed.  So I decided to give myself a break, enjoy the moments spent with my family instead and soak in the hustle and bustle of Penang.   

The other part of the trip I loved.... The food and the shopping! I found quite a lot of props from this shop called Material and spent a good fifteen minutes wow-ing at almost everything I saw in the store.  Oh the joy of retail therapy... falalalalallalaaa...


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