Thursday, November 10, 2011

Banana Muffins Re-visited for a Visit


I am late in my blogging this week and I am feeling ever so hassled by probably my one and only ardent fan, my husband.  He has been reminding me everyday for the past couple of days to bake something to place on the blog.  

There is sort of an unspoken pact between my hubby and myself, that I should try baking a new recipe every week.  I'm ashamed to admit that this week I have not met my kpi (key performance indicator) [boy... doesn't everyone just hate this term! I used to sigh on the inside whenever my ex-bosses mentioned this term].  There were just errands, engagements that came along my way this week that I just couldn't ____________.  haha..  I'm sure all of you will know how to complete my previous sentence.

However, I did bake this week. For my grandmother.  I wanted to bake something healthier for her and banana muffins came to mind.  So, I revisited an old recipe, and made it healthier by reducing the amount of sugar.  Hmm.. can I say that I met half my kpi?? 


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