Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend with Dinosaurs & a Boy

stacks of bamboo steamers

The weekend just went past like a big whirlwind. We celebrated my nephew's birthday on Sunday.  And all I remember of the weekend was shopping for his presents and wrapping them!  (photos coming up on that!)

We started out Saturday morning in a great bang, with our favourite fried carrot cake at Lavender food centre.  We haven't been there for a loooong time.. So yes.. I hate to admit this.. we cleaned out our plates in under 15 minutes!  I know... I'm very un-ladylike!!!

The shopping terror began after breakfast.  Getting a four-year old's birthday present is no easy feat..  considering he wanted huge dinosaur(s).  So being the nice auntie that I am (ahem!), I was lugging 2 dinosaurs around the shopping mall on a Saturday morning.

Surprisingly, the dinos were fun to play with.  They have sensors built in them so the dinos can 'talk' to each other.  Pretty intelligent..

So, the big day for the boy who has a new found love for dinosaurs. The boy is 4.  And yes, we are kind of glad that he has ditched Mr Nice-but-Boring Mickey Mouse.

The good news is that the boy is extremely ecstatic with the dinosaurs..  so much so that he told the dinosaur that he loved it before he went to bed..  I don't know whether that's a good or a bad sign..

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