Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tea @ Fika

Fika, situated at the corner of Arab Street, is a little cafe that I have been wanting to try for a long time.  Everytime I drive past it,  I'm drawn to its decor. 

This Tuesday, my friend and I had an opportunity to meet up.  We decided to go to Fika to avoid the city crowd. (finally!) Sure enough, the cafe was quaint, with a fresh and comfortable ambience. 

The food, sadly, is a tad bit pricey.  My friend, who decided to be adventurous, ordered a blueberry soup (recommended by the cafe staff). It was a strange concoction.  We've never even seen anything like it before and will probably never order it again.  I had cheesy wedges, they were nice, but not out of this world. The carrot cake however was pretty good. 

Verdict.  Lovely ambience, a great place to have a good catch up with friends.  But order dessert only.


  1. food is disappointing

  2. That bad?? I didn't order any of the mains so I can't comment. But they should remove the blueberry soup from their menu.. It was just weird.

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