Monday, October 3, 2011

How I Celebrated

Coincidentally, it happened to be my grandma's Chinese birthday.  She's 83! 

I visited grandma and had lunch with her.  Brought a cake along too.  Alright, I admit, I'm a little cheap.. I bought my grandma a pandan chiffon cake.. Well, there are reasons for that.. Firstly, who doesn't love chiffon cake?  Secondly, i thought it is probably the easiest cake for her to eat because of its light and airy texture.

Despite my cheap cake, I think my grandma was happy that I went down to celebrate her birthday with her.  She had a rather busy week 'entertaining' as my uncle and aunties took turns to visit during her birthday week.  I didn't tell her that it was my birthday too.  Strangely enough, she asked me how old I am.  I told her that I was thirty, and she started reminiscing about the past, and how we bought this current flat that she is staying in around 32-33 years ago.  This is the very flat that I lived in ever since I was born.  My grandma remembered that they shifted in when my elder sister was learning how to crawl.  (My family shifted out of the flat when I was 10 years old, but my granddad (before he passed away) and grandma continued living there.)

Yep.. lots and lots of history and memories in that flat. 

iPhone snapshots of granny slicing and having cake.  I sang her a birthday song too.
Homeward bound after grandma's.  The husband took half a day off to bake a chocolate cake for me.  So when I arrived home, he was half-way through it.  It was the first time that he baked a cake with frosting.. It was quite a challenge especially with the frosting, which was a little liquid-y.. but the cake turned out pretty good!  A homemade cake... I couldn't ask for more..

I wanted to do justice to this lovely cake baked by my husband.  So no tweaking of colours to this photo..
Look at the gleaming chocolate!! This was taken before the frosting set.

Yes, this is me at 30, next to my yummy cake.  Frosting has set!
(I think this is the first time I'm making an appearance in my own blog!)

It was a very quiet birthday affair, but that's how I like it to be.  I'm grateful for all the friends and family who sent me your well-wishes.  I feel very blessed to have all of you.  Shalom to all... :)

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